Meet Paul Elson-Vining

Principal Consultant


Paul is Triaster's principal professional services consultant and as such he travels extensively to deliver training and consultancy. Recently he has been working with Northamptonshire Police and the Oil/Gas and Credit Management industries. He really likes a challenge and is certainly not afraid of a long journey. He is has previously spent time in the USA and Australia implementing the Triaster Solution he is really motivated by helping all sorts of customers in all sorts of places as he gets itchy feet if he's in the UK for too long.

One of Paul's key skills is adjusting to the situation, be that the skills level of the people he is training, the IT set-up he is working with or the differing outcomes that his customers are looking to achieve. We asked him to tell us about some of the challenges he faces and how he responds (whilst no doubt keeping his calm and his sense of humour at all times). This is what he said:

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My biggest challenge is how to help customers get from the theory learnt in the training room to a live Process Library. Once they are back in the real world, it can often be difficult for mappers to know where to start. They know how to map a process, but how to get the information they need from multiple people's heads into a process that make sense to everyone?

This year I have had a couple of engagements doing exactly this on the customer's behalf and had really great results. I even went on to present their Libraries at launch events in various locations. As I leave, I love being able to pass over a Library containing a solid foundation of end-to-end process documentation for the customer to build on. I always enjoy going back onsite at a later date too and reviewing the progress made.

Where I know though that process authors are going to be mapping their own processes right from the start, I try to equip them with all the skills to populate their library - so that's as much about setting realistic project objectives and milestones, as learning Triaster software functionality. I share the approaches I have seen other customers use successfully and I always try to encourage people to ask questions - there is no such thing as a stupid question. Another challenge I have is not to be too obsessive about my process maps. I always like my arrows to be straight and never like to cross Connectors, even when doing a quick demo - I just can't help it!

Paul Elson-Vining

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